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Let’s reminisce … about the old times …

My first contact with the tabletop world was through Warhammer Fantasy. As a young boy I choose to collect a Bretonian Army. Most likely, my choice was influenced by the fact that I could sell, “honorable knights fighting dragons” as opposed to a “horde of blood lusting and pillaging Khorne Warriors”, much better to my parents. I never actually played Fantasy much though; you probably know about the attention span of young kids, but I still have the army.

In the nineties the feeling conveyed by the artwork of Games Workshop was very different from today’s highly stylized and gory battle scenes. Therefore, I would like to share a couple excerpts from the Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook from 1996 with you.

GW humor 1

GW humor 2

GW humor 3

GW humor 5

GW humor 7

GW humor 6

GW humor 8

GW humor 9

GW humor 10

GW humor 16

GW humor 11

Gw humor 13

GW humor 14GW humor 15

GW humor 12

GW humor 4
I still have to smile when I see these drawings.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

-kleiner gargoyle


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