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Malifaux meets 40K: the Insidious Madness Chaos Spawn

Wyrd’s Monday Preview presents the Insidious Madness. The new models by Wyrd are the perfect proxies for Chaos Spawns, especially for the Tzeentch versions…

My own chaotic creations thus far…


Also, do not miss the June Promotion by Wyrd Miniatures.

„Keep your receipt when you spend $60 or more on Wyrd products in your local gaming store during June. If you email us a photo of your receipt to before the 6th of July; we will send you a special edition Johana (counts as Johan).


Also, from the stores we have receipts for, two domestic and two international stores will be chosen each week of the promotion to receive a package of special edition models. Limit 1 reward per person. Rewards will be mailed after completion of promotion.“

This promotion is valid for Germany. Here, the email repsonse to my inquiry as I wanted to make sure.

„Good morning. Yes, the promotion counts in Germany. As for restrictions, the only ones I am aware of is that it has to be a brick and mortar store, no online stores. Also the receipt has to have the entire purchase, the date of purchase and the name and address of the store.
Kindest regards,
Wyrd Customer Support.“


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

-kleiner gargoyle


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