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Bushido-Review: Kaito and Kintaru

Kaito is probably the bigger brother of Kintaru. The two are very much alike. Both are peasant models with Melee Skill 3, Bravery, Light Footed and one unique effect each. They both cost 5 rice points each. As such they are the cheap foot soldiers of the Temple, comparable to Ryu Yarimen, Temple Bushis or Kyoaku-Hans. As opposed to the Armour 2 of the Ryu Yarimen or the really cheap Kyoaku-Hans, Kaito and Kintaru stick out through their unique effects they bring to the table.



Link to Kaito’s profile card

 Kaito’s unique effect allows him to place a piece of difficult terrain on the table. This terrain piece impairs movement but not line of sight. This is nice in order to, in addition to the existing terrain, create bottlenecks for enemy forces. The usefulness of this ability will certainly increase with the experience of the player and depend on the scenarios played. Preventing enemy models from reaching a mission objective in time might be very handy.

Kintaru’s unique effect may be used every turn, during the starting phase. It grants a friendly model within 8 inches the Aware special rule until the end phase or allows the player to measure the distance between two points on the table once. Consequently, Kintaru’s unique effect is much more versatile. With Kintaru you can enable a friendly model to charge or use opposed Ki-feats 360 degrees as well as making this model immune to being surprised. If you have a particularly important action, that needs to succeed, you are allowed to premeasure – anywhere on the board.



Link to Kintaru’s profile card

As for special attacks and defenses, Kaito offers Powerful Attack (1) and Kintaru Push Defense (1); Kaito being more offensive, Kintaru defensive. This theme is somewhat continued with the Ki-feats. Kaito can receive Toughness 1 or +1 making him much more survivable and able to withstand hard hitters. In addition, he can give a friendly model within 6 inches Light Footed, which may be situationally welcome for a monk. Kintaru may gain Elusive and Leap through the Ki-feat Vault, which means that Kintaru likes to go past the hard hitters of the opponent rather than engaging them.

Kaito and Kintaru make for a nice combination with Ashinaga Tenaga and Hisao. Riku with his Wall of Water and Tsunami Ki-feats as well as Seiji with his Binding Roots Ki-feat also aim to limit the opponent movement, and as such pair up well with Kaito and Ashinaga Tenaga. Kaito und Kintaru make it possible for Temple players to spam a lot of Melee Skill 3 models. This means that you have both, many activations and fairly resilient models, as any Melee Skill 3 model is dangerous while supported with Prayer tokens from Aiko. Kaito and Kintaru have much to offer for the Temple of Ro-Kan. Thumbs up.



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