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Free Rules for Warmachine and Hordes: Setting a New Standard for Tabletop?!

„Victory comes at a Price. THE RULES DON’T“

Privateer Press has released the basic rule books for Warmachine and Hordes for free. Now, the ball is rolling! In Germany Warmachine/Hordes is the biggest game after Warhammer 40K. This step must have something to do with the new release of Age of Sigmar with its free rules. The two gaming systems being somewhat similar for the outside observer, Privateer Press must have felt pressured to deliver or realized now is their chance to increase their audience and grow the game.


Privateer Press is not alone. Kings of War by Mantic (link to partially free rules) as well as Warthrone by Avatars of War (link to free rules) have released rules for free. Over the last few weeks Avatars of War have been releasing rules for former fantasy armies calling them “Approved armies: Warhammer Vampire Counts, Legions of Khorne, Skaven, High Elves or Tomb Kings”. Wow, if this is not obvious! The year 2015 seems to develop into an interesting year for the tabletop community; a lot is changing. By the way, rules for Infinity have been released for free and the rules for Bushido are free anyways!

Free rules have a lot of advantages for gaming companies too. First and foremost, you create a greater audience! This is important, not only because we life in the time of video games and free for play on the internet. Secondly, you can adjust rules more quickly for minimal costs. This will increase the quality of the game and eventually lead to a better game; in turn to better sales.

Interesting times.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

-kleiner gargoyle


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