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Bushido: the Common Bakemonos (Savage Wave/ Review)

Archer, Beater, Bushi and Spearman – these are the four common Bakemono types. Each of them brings other abilities, but all of them have a rice cost of 4. This makes it possible to summon them.


Bakemono Archers: The Bakemono Archer is probably the worst archer in the game. His range is decent with 4/8/12, but with only 2 dice he is not the most accurate and on top of that he requires one activation to reload. If the Archer did not have Reload(1), he would have been useful. This not being case, the Archer is a below average; even for a Bakemono. I consider the Archer to be below average, because he is very constricted in his use. He can shoot, but even this he cannot do well. Therefore you cannot expect him to do any damage, which is required of archers, as they need to kill their opponent before they are being reached, because they are a very easy picking once in close combat. With Melee Skill 1, an Archer, who runs or is exhausted, is in grave danger. So, it is needless to say, Archers will not be able to influence objectives for long, as they will be removed too quickly. Any Archer is easy picking once he enters the mid field of the gaming board. This is why I say that the Archer is constricted in its use. Therefore, the Archer should only ever be summoned once you have all the other common Bakemonos on the field or if you are absolutely convinced that an Archer could be advantageous in that particular moment.

Link to profile card of the Bakemono Archer

Bakemono Beaters: The Beater has the absolute standard profile of any Bakemono with Melee Skill 2, no special traits – except the Bakemono standard traits Camouflage(4), Cowardly and Small – and a Melee Strength of 0. This last characteristic makes the Beater a very strong – for a common Bakemono. As a result, the Beater is a likely candidate to be summoned in any game. The Bakemono Beater is my second favorite among common Bakemonos.

Link to profile card of the Bakemono Beater

Bakemono Bushi: The Bakemono Bushi is another close combat Bakemono. His unique feature is that he brings the ability Combo Attack(1) to the fight. Sadly, Special Attack or Defenses are very rare among Bakemonos. Therefore, Combo Attack can be a useful feature, even though a costly one. Bakemonos only have Melee Skill 2, so sacrificing one die is never a good option. What would have been cool: A Bushi receiving Combo Attack(0) if Bakemonos are outnumbering the opponent model. Useful and fluffy, but enough with the wish listing. The Bushi has Melee Strength -1 and is therefore weaker than the Beater. In essence you trade strength versus the option of having a Special Attack.

Link to profile card of the Bakemono Bushi

Bakemono Spearmen: The Spearman is my favorite among the common Bakemonos. Like the Bushi, he has Melee Strength -1. However, the Spearman possesses the useful trait First Strike. With First Strike the Spearman becomes somewhat of a threat, with or without a frenzy token. The enemy should have at least one die in the defense when charging a Spearman.

Link to profile card of the Bakemono Spearman

Among the common Bakemonos the Spearman is the best in defense; the Beater is the best in offense. As I am mostly playing a Bakeomo only hordes (sometimes with Taisho), any kind of staying power is what I am looking for. For this reason, Spearmen are the only common Bakemonos I would ever consider spending rice on and are definitely the first to be summoned if I have not; the Beaters follow for the killing blow. Well, for the killing blow you probably need more Bakemonos…

Reviews on the rest will follow soon.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

-kleiner gargoyle


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