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Worldwide Tabletop Blogs: A Guide – Complete List…

Of course this is not a complete list, nor is the list sorted in any meaningful way. It is the result of my first search. What is your favorite blog? Please add it in the comment section. Thanks! Have fun browsing. Maybe you find some new ideas…









Imperial Truth

Life After the Cover Save

Eye of Horus

Signals from the Frontline

Chain Attack – Warmachine

Masters of the Forge – 40K

Facing the Grey Tide – 40K

Jaded Gamercast

Forge the Narrative – 40K

Forge the Narrative – 40K

The Long War – 40K

Mayacast – Infinity

Overlords – 40K

Removed From Play  -Warmachine

Preferred Enemies – 40K

SMG Wargaming – 40K

T3 – Warhammer

Veterans of the Long War – 40K

Intensify Forward Firepower – Armada

Behind Enemy Lines

TFG Radio

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

-kleiner gargoyle


2 Antworten

  1. Tim Zoat

    Don’t forget to include, one of the best, most active and helpful 40k forums out there, not only for Tyranid fans. It definitely is my favorite.

    1. September 2015 um 22:59

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