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Bushido-Review: Tra-Peng (Savage Wave)

Tra-Peng is the “hidden” star and the auto include model of the Savage Wave. Is it of male or female sex? I am not quite sure. I will call it a her. Tra-Peng brings a whole collection of useful abilities and skills that make her an asset for any Savage Wave war band. The best part, she only has a rice cost of 5. First and foremost, the unique effect of Tra-Peng is what most opponents will quickly learn to dislike. Let’s see what the assassin has to offer.

Tra-Peng’s profile card

The unique effect allows Tra-Peng to put one Stunned Marker on any enemy model within 8 inches. This is a very powerful ability as no test is required and the effect always succeeds. The effect gives the Bakemono-player tactical flexibility, because he can choose a different enemy model to be affected every turn; wherever needed most. It is not possible for the enemy to circumvent the effect. This effect makes dealing with a Bakemono horde or any Savage Wave war band much trickier as you must keep in mind that any model might lose one Melee Skill.


As to Tra-Peng herself, she comes with the normal Bakemono states but there are a couple important differences. She possesses the trait Camouflage(2) and the special defense Side Step Defense(0) making her a defensive powerhouse. Camouflage(2) also enables her use “Shadow Walk” more readily and together with the trait Scout, she becomes a first turn objective grabber for any objective that is placed on the center line. Due to her evasive nature and mobility, Tra-Peng is also a contender for being the crew’s VIM.

Tra-Peng does not have the normal Bakemono trait Cowardly. This enables her to engage models that cause Fear more reliably. Though this should only be done if enough other Bakemonos are already ganging up on an opponent as Tra-Peng is not meant for difficult battles. However, Tra-Peng is able to tire models with Melee Skill 2 or 3 and retreat to safety with Side Step Defense, if necessary. She also has the Ki Feat “Snares” which grants you the chance to prohibit a movement of an enemy. On important actions this is a very powerful ability, but unfortunately it has a very low chance of success as normal models have a move statistic of 4.

All in all, Tra-Peng is the auto include model for any Savage Wave war band. This is the case because her abilities are universally beneficial as they affect the enemy’s offensive capabilities. Tra-Peng is the ultimate scout-assassin. Make you sure that you do not leave her too exposed as your opponent will take her out the first chance he gets! Happy stalking…

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

-kleiner gargoyle


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