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Bushido Bakemonos: Okina&Oto (Savage Wave/Review)

Okina and Oto, the center piece of any Bakemono Horde, bring some important Traits and Ki Feats to the table. First and foremost, they give Bakemonos within 5 inches Ki Statistics 2 for the purpose of tests through their Leadership trait. This makes any Bakemono much more likely to pass a Bravery test or able to unmask some of those pesky Rose-Girls from the Syndicate. However Okina and Oto are weak (Melee Skill 1, Melee Strength -1) and slow (Move Statistic 3). In addition, they do not benefit from the Traits that Bakemonos normally possess, i.e. Camouflage and Small. This means that Okina and Oto can be targeted more easily than your average Bakemono. To keep them safe you can screen them with other Bakemonos or keep Uk-Kang nearby in order to use his Bodyguard trait. For a 5-wound-Bakemono that costs 5 rice, they are a real bargain, especially once you consider their two Ki Feats.


Okina&Oto’s profile card

The first Ki Feat is “Frenzied Rhythm”. “Frenzied Rhythm” is on par with “Summon form the Shadows” for being the most expensive Ki Feat that Bakemonos have. “Summon form the Shadows” is very good Ki Feat but often times it will be more beneficial to make your horde trickier to deal with. This is what “Frenzied Rhythm”does. It provides all Bakemonos, including Okina and Oto with a Frenzied token that can be used to either give +1 Melee Strength or Last Stand. The Frenzied token can be used like an Instant Ki Feat. Therefore, you only need to use it once the enemy hit you or you hit them. I find Last Stand much more powerful as you get to use all of your activations even if the enemy killed a Bakemono that has not activated yet. The added benefit is that a Bakemono, who is already doomed and will be removed during the End Phase, does not have to worry about defensive die during combat.

The second Ki Feat is “Marching Beat” lets you move all Bakemonos that are not in Base to Base (BtB) for a free 2 inch walk. This is situational, but wow, can this change how a turn or even how the game will continue. Amidst a brawl that is about to ensue, this Ki Feat lets you rearrange all your Bakemomos giving you a potentially better offense or defense; just as it is needed.

Both Ki Feats allow Okina and Oto to move which is necessary because they have a tough time keeping up with the group anyways (Move 3). All in all the first Ki Feat “Frenzied Rhythm”, “Marching Beat” and all the Ki Feats on the Horde card are among the most commonly used. All of these Ki Feats have their obvious benefits but their effectiveness has to assess and whether a Ki Feat of Wu Zang or Zung-Fu (include link to article here) might be more useful.

Okina&Oto thumbs up!

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-kleiner gargoyle


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