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Hobby-Update: Tyranids meet Malifaux (Genestealer Lilith Crew)

The Lilith Crew from Wyrd is without a doubt a good product. However, I personally do not find the horned devil look an appealing, interesting or innovative one.


So, pretty early on I have decided if I play Lilith, I would not use the original Wyrd models. I just had no idea at the time, what I should have been using. As a Tyranid player with too many models, a bunch of unused models sparked an idea: Lilith, the Mother of (Tyranid) Monsters. In addition, thematically Liliths Crew can be played around a „grow mechanism“. The grow mechanism basically states that a Terror Tot can grow into a Young Nephilim if it kills an opponent and a Young Nephilim can grow into a Mature Nephilim if it kills an opponent. Thinking of Tyranids, parallels can be found in the Alien series where the Alien babies burst out of their human host. Furthermore, all Nephelims have the trait Black Blood aka Acid Blood (also in the Alien series and Tyranid Codex) which does damage to everyone without the Black Blood trait. Therefore, this is also similar to the Alien series. Since when you think of the Alien series, you think of Tyranids as the two are somewhat similar and the former probably inspired the latter, the idea was born. My idea was that the small Rippers would  grow into Genestealers, and Genestealers into Broodlords. So, without further adieu, here are the results:

Lilith 2

Lilith – Mother of Monsters

Lilith 1

Lilith – Mother of Monsters










Terror Tots and Scheme Markers

Terror Tots and Scheme Markers

Young Nephelim

Young Nephilim





Mature Nephilim

Mature Nephilim

Shaman 2

Black Blood Shaman

Primordial Magic

Primordial Magic

Lilithtruppe 2

The entire Lilith crew

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

-kleiner gargoyle




Eine Antwort

  1. Love the crew, am working on a Zoraida crew using Privateer Press gators at the moment myself ;D Hope it’s treated you well on the table and your opponents have been cool with it!

    29. September 2016 um 15:57

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